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If you are ever Google any phrase that is related to education and trading, you will get hundreds of “traders” that are willing to share with you their experience, tips and the “assured” way to profits. Sadly, 99% percent of them are complete deplorable, scam and point traders in the wrong direction. These educators has learned really fast what buttons to push in order to make the purchase the course.

What are the typical buttons that educators push? 

  • Consistent Income. it is a lot more than income that is being promised. It is consistent income as a perpetuity forever.  The promise that some patterns repeat themselves and you can just capitalize on them over and over again. You will be able to make each day as much as you like, and pay the bills at no time.
  • Ability to change life style. Many just hate when they are in life: Shitty job, fat wife and ugly kids. But that will ALL change when you buy the trading course! A playboy centerfold will marry you, you will work only 4 hours a day, and no more debt.

I can go on and on about many other factors but in the end, they all tie up to a radical change in their social/economic status.

Trading vendors do get reviews online, but they are typically lack any type of substance and most are just insane with illiterate production behind it. Not very credible where most just regard as insane.

Here comes Emmet!  

Emmett Moore has created a site called that simply does the most amazing review, background and investigation of any trading vendor.  He picks the scum and exposes them for what they are.  He does not just ramble on and on like an idiot on a forum but instead he turned the review of trading vendors into investigative journalism.   You get the review of the person behind the product, a look at the trading results (which are mostly fake) and above all it gives them a chance to provide proof behind their claims. He contacts them and ask for ONE trading statement.  Most can’t provide it.

Emmett can not stop movements like NinjaTrader EcoSystem, which is the world’s worst best collection of scammers who promotes the NinjaTrader platform.  But, he exposes them one by one, and at least he can show intelligent people the truth behind this site. Keyword is intelligent! Most of the NinjaTrader followers are delusional traders that no review would ever stop them from buying garbage. The fools are buying the dream, not the product.

I suggest to look at this site weekly to see who he reviews, participate in the the discussion and click the ads on the site to help him with all the financing.

So long Dear Traders!




“Get Me Funded!” Another Loser’s Dream.


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I want to be explained WHY there is such a growing fad of traders who believe that some company will fund them if they pass their make money on the DEMO accounts. That is right, they are promised to be given funds if they pass a certain level of conditions.

A friend of mine who is a struggling trader calls me up one day and says “I am joining a prop firm…”. Since God did not give me any “stop and think” qualities before I say anything, my immediate reaction was “How do they give money to a trading loser like you?” If they give money to guys who cant make money, they surely can give funds to someone like me who makes money.  So here is the Scoop, there is a company by the name of “Top Step Trader” that says you need to pass what they call a combine and then you are funded.  BUT, the each month you have to pay them $150 to play with their demo in order to pass the test. lovely. This is NOT how a prop firm works.

I jumped online to see how many guys out there (fools) that follow and believe the model.  WOW, nice business model, and of course there are stories of ones who get funded. BUT, zero stories how fast these traders are stopped and thrown back into the combine.   This is an awesome business model, and as the trading world is filled with more losers who believe in anything you tell them, they will spend each month their money and of course they will get nowhere. I see periodically that on the forums there will be guys who actually try to make sense of it all, yet get shut down by losers with reality stands in their way of success. MY friend above is the same way. I explained to to him why this is a scam, and yet he came back with 1000 reasons why this is real.  Talking to idiots is not fun. Anyway. He will never be funded.

The Top Step Trader is not the only one out there, and recently there have been more guys like MES Capital, Advantage Trading associated with MES capital, etc.

To those who read it and get the “WTF have I done?” here is how a real prop firm is going to work: You show them a REAL track record and negotiate. This is what I did many times, but never pursued it because the hurdles and politics of funding gets complicated. Many of the prop firms have hidden fees besides the rev share, like high commissions, seat fee, etc.  Nevertheless, they are legitimate fees.

Here is one thing to take from this article: NO ONE gives money money to paper traders and if they do, it at a certain impossible cost.  Most Never get funded.  But it’s a nice dream for the “Broke and Delusional”…should we make a soap opera out of it?


2015 MOST F*ed Up Trading Year Ever! EVER!



2015 sucked


Boys and Girls, this was the most and worst year I have had in trading.  16.1% after all fees and commissions.  PLEAZ do not F’n comfort me because some of you losers lost or just set and paper traded with F “indicators”.

If some of you do not get it, there is ALSO a concept called F Time. Yes, it is the TIME you sit in front of the screen while you could have the opportunity to work in MCDonalds. “Oh, that is humiliating”…right, as oppose to sitting in front of the screen and earning F ALL!  So listen carefully boyz and galz, I did not get into the game of trading in order to make 20%. That I could have done with a low Fi every time my boss was out of the office.

This is why most of you LOSERS should move out of trading. You are NOT traders, you are assholes who are fascinated with trading.  Ok, I take it back. You are still losers, but please continue playing and maybe next year, God Willing, I will take ALL your money.

G-d Have mercy on your wives who married losers and your kids who’s college funds you are pissing away.

Happy 2016!


PS. Sorry for the bad mood.  I spent this year too much reading of all the other forums filled by losers.  Every criticism is projecting…and this year’s gain was a disaster.


FXCM Bailout. Putting Boiler Room Back in Business.



Everyone has rejoiced that FXCM is back in business because Leucadia threw 300 million dollars to save this nothing short of a bucket shop operation.

While everyone has focused on the Swiss National Bank Maneuver (SNB) and blamed the bank for its surprise announcement, FXCM’s deficit of $225 Million reflects the policies of this fx operation. They push and extend leverage to smaller traders who do not understand the implications of leverage. While they (FXCM) are being always being the other side of the trade.

Every attempt by regulators to decrease leverage has been met by resistance by FXCM 

You can open an FXCM account with 200, 200 or even fifty bucks.  If you are outside the USA, you can open accounts with a credit card, and that is why they have established branch word, where the regulators do not understand the implications of leverage and how FXCM operates.

Outside the technology they offer, and a few solid players that clear through them, the majority of their revenue is a result of small, well let’s call it what it is; Idiot Traders who think that they trade when in fact all they do is gamble while FXCM is the house.

This bailout will allow FXCM to operate like the good old days, pushing small trader to lever up their accounts to the ration of 1:250 and higher. The losses of these smaller traders is what makes FXCM revenues and stock to soar, not the technology they implement.

Now there are hundreds of thousands small players that are out of their capital. Further, now they have deficits on their accounts that with this new bailout will give them legal resources to pursue all the accounts that have deficits. These pseudo traders not only do not have the funds to cover the deficits, many struggle financially to make a living. This is the typical retail trader behind FXCM.

Thanks you Leucadia for put this snake back on the block.




Why people who buy trading courses are losers and have unrealistic expectations. Yes, this means you and I am NOT F sorry if you are offended!


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So you are not doing well in your trading, and AGAIN you decided to go to the net and scout the landscape for another method. Now you will have a long search of “Find me a Mother Fucker who really trades Emini SP,  profitable, and at the same time will teach me his secrets for very little money. AND…I need to try his shit for free because I have been burned before in a trading course that charged me 19.99 for trial.” 

So the question is WHY anyone in the world, would share his method with you if they are successful?  Further, why would they organize a methodical schedule to teach you how to trade, overcome your psychological issues and get tortured by your stupidity that you are going to impose on them. The markets are hard enough as it is, and after being beat up all day, the last thing anyone needs is to get i to a mentoring session with a “student”.

Most educators are trading losers. Sorry, delusional scum bags who feel they contribute to education of the trader.  They don’t, and then they gather as many testimonial as possible due to their “customer service” not because their customers did well. The  testimonails of  “I Made $50K in my first month” is a sign of over enthusiasm, which are captured on the site forever.

If you ask how you should study the markets, my suggestion is to reach Amazon. Read,Read and Read, and attend those educators who have been teaching for 15-20 years, you could find them a lot more insightful and not over enthusiastic.

There are those who teach “risk” and those who focus on “return”.  The long and short of it is as follows: You need to decide what is being pushed, how they push it and whether it is realistic in real time execution. Going for 6 ticks on ES, does not cut it!

If the web pages of the educators are filled with “returns” and their webinars are filled with how much you can make, if they show their winners and get excited over their winners, while their losers are filled with excuses, RUN!

They are all fucking “nice”, it is not the case that they are rude or obnoxious as they learned the hard way that being customers friendly gets them the sale.

I will make a list of scum bag educators who I think take people’s money! Time to expose the BULLSHIT out there.




Traders Millions By The Minute. Disgusted.



Have you seen the “Traders Millions By The Minute” by the BBC? 

I want to change the title to “More Delusional Traders By the Minute”.
This would be the appropriate title for this show that depressed me and proved me one more time that most traders want something for nothing and have zero understanding what they are up against.

This movie was a collection of people who are fascinated with the markets, paper traders and other pseudo “no one cares about your money than you do” traders.   Right, so professionals money managers are just useless bunch who take your money and play with it while you have no clue will really take of this and will join a game where 99.99% of traders lose their funds in one way or another.

So what did we have on the show a lady who took a $350K to a Million in a demo account but will raise $6K by selling her cats.  “Will Trade for Pussy”?

So what have we learned. We learned that most of those who are attracted to trading should not be trading nor be found near a trading terminal.  Further, brokers will need to get a degree is Psychology or even Psychiatry to deal with the varieties of issues that these traders have and trading is not one of them.

I don’t mean to call these guys who want to be traders stupid, but the idea that a non competitive person will enter a game of such complexity is beyond me.  They ignore all the stats, the odds, and the difficulty of this game is sheer madness.

What people tend to look at are the ones who are profitable, yet they don’t comprehend is  that these people have lost a lot of money before they even made their first $, or as in the show pound. $100K, $250K is common to lose before you hit the big numbers in trading.  Yet, this shows a handicap guy who has broke his back and talk about risk in terms of couple if hundreds of pounds. I felt DEEP sympathy that he broke his back, but the idea that couple of hundreds of Pounds is risky (as he claims) says that he should be involved in a better habit. Quite frankly, what bothered me is that he never made money in seven years, yet calls him selves a trader.

I am money that allows me to pay the bills, get savings and even take periodic breaks from this. Yes, this is the sexy side, but this is a business, not a journey to happiness or some game of life fulfillment. I happen to be a good gambler and hustler that have turned his life around and found that trading keeps me away from the Vegas trips and instead keeps me here at my desk.

Back to the movie:

Many traders in this movie use the FX market as their primary market of trading, these are firms that are the primary broker is trading against them via a dealing desk. The “cat lady” went live and was trading GBP Vs. Turkish Lira, did anyone mentions the word liquidity to these people?

The end of the movie is that everyone is in a loss.

What made these people trade? lies, damn lies and webinars.  The “carrot” of coffee sipping mornings while clicking the buy/sell buttons and easy income is a dream, facade that by the time you wake up all you have left with is your books, CDs and your work sheets. The markets have moved to get a new set of naive traders.

My advice? Build a business.  One where you can get a direct reward for your efforts, one that rational decisions end up making you $$, where you have interaction with people, and one that will allow you to make money and get real wealth, not just impress pompous shrimp eating assholes who fascinated with “you can make money when the market is going down??”


Confessions of A NinjaTrader “EcoSystem” Partner


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I decided to call one of the vendors that NinjaTrader offers. I thought that maybe one has something that I need, but what a “shocker” it was another collection of useless techies with a stupid price tag. Anyway, the dude who is trying to sell me is kinda cool but had a few JDs because he must sell them from his mother’s basement. He was breathing so heavy on the phone, I think I should have been paid at the end of the conversation. I was his bitch for 2014.

So I ask the guy “does anyone buy this shit?”, much to my surprise he says plenty.

Here is how the rest goes:

Do they (the purchasers) trade this?

“I don’t know and I know care”

Do you trade it?

“Don’t have money to trade”

Did the programmer who “invented” these moving averages trade it? ( zero attention to Sarcasm)

“He is out of Russia. I don’t know”

Are these Ninja guys hooked on indicators?

“Like whores waiting on a crack cocaine fire sale”

well, the best of luck and see you later

“Wait, I can give you 20% discount if you buy now”

LOL? Fuck NO!


Letter from a “trader”

I received an email from a reader of my blog:”I am ….and I read your Trading Post and was very insulted.  I have been paper trading for 10 months and took a mentor-ship from someone who is very experienced and I am pretty sure that I will make it as a trader. what makes you the authority to say who will make it or not? ……”

The rest is just some useless rant about his passion, and strive for independence, and other BS driven by forum paper traders.

So here is my short reply: BOO FUCKING HOO!

The long reply: I am not an authority on trading, but at the same time I am not some fucking educator trying to sell you a course, an indicator or some stupid So method that works well on paper trading and has ZERO chance in real life.

I am not trying to discourage you, but MF trying to make you enter into the hardest game in the world not via a Tom Wu attitude 

Most want to be traders to “make it!” because they hate their jobs, their fat mother in law, or their pathetic life. You should get into a business you are good at, not seek a business to makes money. This is why 99% of traders lose…not 90%…99%!

Let me give you an example: If let’s say I thought I would be the fastest one leg hopper, I would hop until I got into the Guinness World Record.  You choose what you want to do based on your strength and not based on your wishes.  Kapish?

Dont call me rude. Say Thank you for waking you up to a different approach and realistic attitude towards the HARDEST profession in the world.



Day Trader Delusional State of Mind

Same as me Im a dreamer Same as me, Im a dreamer!



I was reading on a forum today how X wants to quit his job and become a day trader because he is so sick of his corp. job and Corp. America.

I assume that this is another asshole  who receives non stop emails from our beloved NinjaTrader with another indicator that we need to be “successful”.  So I dedicate this post to every other dreamer who receives non stop BS Emails, reading BS posts on forums from paper traders and dreaming of becoming a day trader at home or join a prop firm.

1) Trading is a competitive sport.  You think you suck at your job and hating your boss will make you a better trader? No, it just makes you a better dreamer.  You have to be the best at your job, highest earner, and be the best at what you do.  It is amazing how many people think they will leap into trading and become good at it while they sucked at everything else they touched in their life, including their job and marriage.

2) You need tons of cash in the bank.  Being broke and dreaming of “extra cash” is simply a sick state of mind driven by gambling mentality without taking stats into consideration. 99% percent of day traders go bankrupt!

3) You don’t have quantitative skills and/or programming skills, you have no business in day trading. period. If you don’t know how to extract data, analyze data and don’t understand anomalies than do me a mother fucking favor and don’t get into the world of day trading.

Don’t insult the rest of us who spends thousand of hours  trading REAL MONEY not paper money and then lie to the rest of the world on a forum you really trade. Pathetic. 

Dont cry like a baby with “I really,really want to be a trader”. Trading is not a goal, its a work in progress and you never really get there. It is WAY HARDER way of life than “Corp. America”